The TBR Dare lives!!!

It’s just moved on to a new site now run by lizzysiddal and Annabel.

If you’d like to take The TBR Dare please visit the official site here.

119 thoughts on “TBR Dare

  1. Sign me up! I have a lot of books on my shelf that I’ve been trying to get to over the last few years. Hopefully, I can knock out a lot of them in three months. Looking forward to this dare!

      1. Hi, I would love that – thank you! Very happy to join the merry throng, it’s such a great idea. Happy New Year to you, and look forward to seeing what everyone reads from their shelves over the next three months. Nicola

  2. I’m trying a different TBR pile challenge this year, but this one sounds good, too, and thank you for a great list of book bloggers I need to check out! Some I know already, but there are a lot I don’t (yet).

  3. Shoot, sorry I missed this one! What a great idea. I think you could still hold an honorary Dakota TBR Triple Dog Dare each year. 🙂 Love the picture, Dakota looks like she was a sweetheart. I’m so sorry for your loss.

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