Haints Stay by Colin Winnette

I don’t know. I don’t know what’s really going on in Haints Stay.   I had a vague idea what haints are, a sort of spirit typically found in New Orleans.  So I thought from the get-go that the characters in Haints Stay were really ghosts wondering around in a confused recently dead state of mind. They kind of act that way.  There is one major character, the … Continue reading Haints Stay by Colin Winnette

Deadwood by Pete Dexter

 Deadwood by Pete Dexter was first published the same year as Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove which won the Pulitzer Prize for 1986. The award could have just as easily gone to Deadwood as both books are very well written and both books turn the western genre on its head in just about the same way. The American western has not been the clean-cut altruistic battle … Continue reading Deadwood by Pete Dexter

Legends of the Fall by Jim Harrison

Legends of the Fall by Jim Harrison follows the life of Tristan Ludlow, the only brother of three to survive the Great War physically intact. His younger brother, Samuel, the apple of his mother’s eye, dies in France while his older brother Alfred is wounded in an accident and sent home before he reaches Europe. Tristan survives physically but emotionally he never fully recovers. He … Continue reading Legends of the Fall by Jim Harrison

The Missing (The Last Ride) by Tom Eidson

The Last Ride (The Missing) by Tom Eidson is one of several book I’ve ordered because of recommendations on BBC Radio 4’s, A Good Read. It still seems odd to me that I found out about this terrific novel by an American writer set in the American west through a discussion among three English celebrities. Perhaps Americans find the western so far outside of the … Continue reading The Missing (The Last Ride) by Tom Eidson

Silver Light by David Thomson

“It’s a movie, Susan!  It’s like a girl: it doesn’t have to make sense if it’s beautiful.  Just watch.” I am the target audience for this book, the one person in the world who can get all the references and appreciate exactly what the author is trying to do.  Maybe me and a small handful of others.  By rights Silver Light should be my favorite … Continue reading Silver Light by David Thomson