Shadowbahn by Steve Erickson

Years ago, many, many years ago, I heard a bit from a Stan Freberg radio show about why radio was better than television.  The bit featured a lot of impossible things, done through the magic of story telling and sound effects, that ended with something like a bunch of helicopters dropping a giant sponge on Lake Michigan sucking up all the water. The point being, … Continue reading Shadowbahn by Steve Erickson

Zeroville by Steve Erickson

Zeroville by Steve Erickson is a cult novel. You can tell it’s a cult novel because it’s full of very hip cultural references and it’s hero is a disaffected wanderer with tendencies towards violence. I like cult novels and I liked Zeroville. Vikar Jerome, the novels hero, sort of strays into Hollywood without much of a past and without much of a plan for the … Continue reading Zeroville by Steve Erickson