Human Acts by Han Kang

I suppose I’m like most Americans in that I know little of Korea’s history.  We know the war, at least the version of it we saw on television’s M*A*S*H, and the Korean miracle–the economic powerhouse South Korea has become.  But anything in between, certainly the dark chapters many South Korean’s would like to keep buried, we don’t know. This has begun to rapidly change lately, … Continue reading Human Acts by Han Kang

Please Look After Mom by Kyun-sook Shin

It’s not often that a book affects me as profoundly as Kyun-sook Shin’s award-winning novel Please Look After Mom did. As much as I read, books should do this to me more often. I’m still haunted by this story, by its characters, especially by its missing character, a week after reading it.  I’ve passed it along to a good friend who has read the first section and … Continue reading Please Look After Mom by Kyun-sook Shin