Also Known as Elvis by James Howe

Skeezie finally gets his own book. James Howe’s The Misfits featured four friends in middle school.  While the four are all social outcasts for various reasons, I always felt that Skeezie was kind of an outcast even within the group because he’s just so darn normal. True, he always wears the same black leather jacket and is known for slicking back his hair, but other than that, … Continue reading Also Known as Elvis by James Howe

Totally Joe by James Howe

One of the books the seventh grade reads at my school is The Misfits by James Howe.  The Mistfits is about a group of friends, three boys and one girl, who set their middle school on end by trying to run an independent slate of officers for student council under the banner “The No-Name Party.”  Their goal is to stop name-calling at their school. The … Continue reading Totally Joe by James Howe