The Promised Land by Grace Ogot

If you want to enjoy African literature, you have to accept African medicine and African magic as real.  Not as real in the sense of magical realism either, but as true.  I’ve been willing to do this so far, and was willing to continue doing so with Grace Ogot’s novel The Promised Land, but I wonder just how far most readers would go along. I wouldn’t be … Continue reading The Promised Land by Grace Ogot

Christa Wolf vs. Grace Ogot

I know this comment will make me look like a snob but I’m going to make it anyway. It was so nice to read two stories that were so well written. I’ve read a wide range a short stories for the Deal Me In Short Story Challenge.  But it’s been a while since I read two stories that featured such good writing.  At the risk … Continue reading Christa Wolf vs. Grace Ogot