Animal Farm by George Orwell

I’m going to assume you have read this book. Probably in high school. Even if your English teacher was not the best teacher you ever had, you probably got most of what there is to get in Animal Farm.  It’s a straightforward book;  Mr. Orwell makes sure that everyone understands  his point.  While the communist revolution may have started well, may have even brought peace, … Continue reading Animal Farm by George Orwell

Snowball’s Chance by John Reed

All animals are born equal–what they become is their own affair. So states the new law on Manor Farm, once Napoleon and his ilk have died off and Snowball has returned, bringing with him the new religion of capitalism and market economies in John Reed’s satirical sequel to George Orwell’s famous parable/novel Animal Farm. For the most part, at least for the first half of the … Continue reading Snowball’s Chance by John Reed