Sunday Ramble: What to Read, What to Read, What to Read….

We still looking for the next ‘School Wide Read’, though the children have gone home for the summer.  We have two titles under consideration at the moment: The Boy who Harnessed the Wind by Bryan Mealer and William Kamkwamba and The Revealers by Doug Wilhelm.

In addition, I have this small stack of contenders I didn’t get around to pictured here and about nine more titles waiting for me at the public library.

But I don’t want to read kids books anymore. Not for a while. I’m on vacation.

I don’t want to get into the question of should adults read kids books; I teach middle school English so I consider reading kids books one of my professional responsibilities.  The question, at its heart, is really boring at this point. Read what you want, nobody really cares. Nobody whose opinion you should care about anyway. As RuPaul says, if they don’t pay your rent, pay them no mind.

Friday morning, I stopped in to visit the school librarian. We both agreed that we didn’t want to spend the summer reading kids books. Time for some adult fare. But when I got home and found this stack on the coffee table, I had to admit they all look really good.

But do they look better than this stack sitting on the shelf next to my leather reading chair?  I just bought the top two Friday night, after a couple of margarita’s, I admit it.

Do not drink and visit book stores.

So, I’m giving myself until the end of June to read kids books, then I’m returning them all, read or not, and indulging in books with big words, really big words. Some may even have third person narrators.

And I’ll be starting the first book in the Jane Austen Read All A-long–Sense and Sensibility. I’m really looking forward to it.

I feel the world could use a little Jane Austen right now.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Ramble: What to Read, What to Read, What to Read….

  1. The Story of My Teeth was such an odd book for me. I didn’t love it while reading, and yet wanted to finish it, and once I was done and could look at the whole, suddenly I liked it quite a lot.

    1. Been there. That’s one sort of reading experience I kind of enjoy. Liking a book much more after it’s over. Sounds like a title that deserves a re-read.

  2. The world could definitely use a little Jane Austen right now! Assuming I finish Trollope’s Phineas Finn by the end of the month, I’ll be joining you for Sense and Sensibility.

  3. I would have to read the big people’s books so I could still get enthused and look forward to the little people’s books. Might fire you up for the next school year. Enjoy the summer reads. I just got back to Tassie yesterday. Exploding dogs of happiness all over the place.

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