Sunday Salon: I dreamed I had lunch with Jacqueline Woodson. Does that count as an anxiety dream?

Last night, I dreamed I met poet Jacqueline Woodson author of Brown Girl Dreaming which I hope to be teaching to my 7th graders later this year.  I was very nervous about meeting her, but I told her how much I love her book and how excited I am to be teaching it.

She said, “Let’s grab some lunch.”

So she and I had lunch together while we discussed how to teach her book, how to teach poetry and poetry in general.

Afterwards, I asked her if she would pose with me for a selfie.

She agreed.

School starts on Thursday.

Does that count as a teacher-anxiety dream?



  1. Best anxiety dream ever.

  2. Jim Randolph says:

    Counts as awesome!

  3. bybeebooks says:

    I’m envious of you for dreaming such a great dream.

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