TBR Triple Dog Dare – Just 11 Days To Go. You Can Do It!

TBR Final DareIt’s so tempting to fall off the wagon at this point.  Just eleven days left in the TBR Triple Dog Dare, but if you’re like me, then you already have a small stack of books you bought surreptitiously somewhere in your house tempting you to stray.


I confess that I have been to the bookstore twice already and that I do have a small pile of books almost as high as the stack off books I’m passing along to the Friends of the Library Book Sale when the TBR Triple Dog Dare ends.  I won’t list them all but among them is my first Hap and Leonard book thanks in large part to a review over at Book Chase.  Thanks, Sam.  That’s probably what I’ll read first come April.

April Fool’s Day, when the TBR Triple Dog Dare comes to its final close, I’ll be in Los Angeles at the Association of  Writers and Writing Programs annual conference listening to four days worth of author panels. I plan on skipping a couple to check out The Last Bookstore in downtown L.A.  I hear the entire second floor is dollar books so I’m bringing along an extra suitcase.   The Last Bookstore is the largest bookstore in California; many conference goers will be skipping out to visit at some point.

Anyone else going to the AWP? Want to meet up for lunch?

Today I’ll be reading The Penultimate Truth by Philip K. Dick which I picked out from the far reaches of my TBR pile and my very first Mike Lupica book–I forget the title but it’s about basketball.  I brought in a selection of sports books for my 7th graders this week–we’re playing book bingo and many of us need to cross off the book about sports square.  The librarian selected several Tim Green and quite a few Mike Lupica books.  Never having read either author, I asked my students which one I should read; they said Lupica so I’ll be giving him a go later today.

The librarian gave me just over twenty books about sports, mostly novels, only two of which were about girls.  When I asked her about this she said she’s had a very tough time finding sports books about girls which surprised me.  We have the Shark Girl books along with non-fiction about the true story they are based on and a couple of Girls Play to Win books–Girls Play to Win Lacrosse did get taken this week as did the Shark Girl books–but not much more.  The only sports related series books for girls we have are books for reluctant readers.  There does not seem to be a Tim Green, Mike Lupica, Matt Christopher equivalent for girls.  If you know of one or any single titles, please let me know in a comment.  We’re looking for middle school level books.

It’s supposed to rain all day today, so I should be able to complete Mr. Lupica’s book, maybe Mr. Dick’s book as well.  Then I’ll reach over Bad Chili for another title from my TBR stack.

Just eleven more days.  I can do that.


15 thoughts on “TBR Triple Dog Dare – Just 11 Days To Go. You Can Do It!

  1. I’m still in–the only exceptions were the ones I planned for from the beginning (Tournament of Books and book club). I’ve knocked a few things off the TBR shelf, which is great. I’m finishing my last ToB book today, and to be safe from those sirens purchased after Jan. 1, I’ve picked out several books that have been on the shelves for quite a while to dive into next while I wait for April 1 to pounce on the newbies. I’m going to do this. I am.

  2. I’m pretty sure that I can, but I’m also pretty sure that I won’t – I think the long Easter weekend, and a book I really want to read, will be too tempting.

  3. I’m technically still in, but making an exception for the TOB has essentially amounted to reading not much besides TOB books, so I haven’t made much of a dent in my TBR pile. Oh, well. Once the TOB is over I can go back to trying to alternate library and TBR books, which usually works pretty well.

    1. I can see the temptation. I checked out the ToB for the first time earlier this week. I think that’s what I’ll be doing next year. Of course, I’ll be hoping to avoid all books like ALL.

  4. March so far is a very challenging month. Had two author requested book reviews and then I suddenly had the magic touch and won a few GoodReads books. That usually goes in waves so that will eventually get better.

  5. This year the TBR Read Challenge has been easy for me, probably I am just in the right frame of mind this time. I have bought no new books to read since Jan.01, so have no temptation in that area. Two books to review came in (not requested) but they will have to wait until April. or later.

    I am reading my 20th book from my TBR pile now, Frozen Assets by Quentin Bates. I do have books I am planning to buy in April, just a few.

    I am envious that you are expecting rain all day. Here in Santa Barbara we have not gotten the rain we had hoped for this winter.

    1. 20 is impressive. I made it to 15 and may hit 18 or 19 before I’m done. Of those three will be books I read for school so only 16 from the TBR stack. Then it’s really time for another TBR stack cull.. After three years on the TBR stack, time for those titles to move on.

  6. Hi, James,
    I know exactly what you mean about sports novels for middle-school girls, or for any age group of girls. There are some ballet, gymnastics, swimming, and equestrian sports titles out there, but do I remember them? Too long ago, I suspect. Title IX has made inroads, but not as far as crossing over into providing sports fiction, which is too bad, because many girls today are interested in girls’ and women’s sports.

    1. The librarian and I have the same opinion. Why not more fiction about girls and sports? Lots of girls are on all sorts of teams at my school, but try and find a story about it. May be an untapped market.

      1. There a series of sports books for elementary by a fake author named “Jake Maddox.” Does boy and girl sports. But I don’t know about middle and high.

  7. I’m still in! I did do some thrift shopping this month and added quite a few books to my pile, but have stacked them apart from the pre-january TBR shelves so I won’t be tempted to read any of them yet.

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