Sunday Salon: Did You Dare? How Are You Doing?

TBR Final DareSo, how’s it going?

I’m hoping to get a chance to go out for coffee and book review writing later today, but I thought I’d put up a post just to see how everyone is doing with The TBR Triple Dog Dare so far.

It’s been a week?  Having fun yet?

I’ve removed two books from my TBR shelves forever.  While neither will make it onto my list of favorite reads for 2016, I enjoyed them both.

I’m also working through my short story anthologies, which is kind of a surprise.  I used to do the Deal Me In Short Story Challenge quite often, but stopped sometime this past summer for no good reason.  So I’ve switched to reading batches of four stories, two from one book, two from another, in a sort of tournament of books fashion.  That’s been kind of fun so far.

I am also reading YA stuff again for work.  Since it’s for work it’s a TBR Dare exception.   I haven’t found anything to sing about yet, but the fact that I’m reading their books has my students intrigued.  Friday, I had my English classes vote on which of the two books I’d picked out I should read this weekend.  The kids got into it.  The book that wasn’t selected is already in demand.  I’ve read 80 pages of the one they chose, Texting the Underworld, but I may skip ahead to the final chapters.  Reading the first and last chapters is a well-respected children’s librarian strategy.  You can read just about everything that comes in if you just read the first and last chapters.

So, what have you found on your TBR shelf this week?




  1. Not finished anything yet but working my way through three books in parallel. It’s fun. Already thinking about what will come next.

  2. Marilyn says:

    I’ve just finished Jane Smiley’s Some Luck (first of a soon-to-be trilogy). I’d checked it out from the library in December so the TBR shelf it sat on was my checked-out library books shelf! I was worried that it would not go deeply into the lives of the family she is writing about (it spans from 1921 to 1953) but I really liked it, thought she exposed their lives in a clever and interesting way, and happily await reading the next two. Onto Jenny Lawson.

  3. Sarah Wrightson says:

    I have finished three books, but two were E. Nesbit ebooks (Thank you Simon at Stuck in a Book!) so not much extra shelf space created yet. A fourth, Ladies of the Canyons, about four intrepid women in America’s southwest early 20th century, is about half done for my terrestrial book group. Yes, it is fun to get reacquainted with my shelves!

  4. Lisa says:

    I dared, and so far it’s going well. I’ve cleared three books off – all keepers – and I’m into my fourth. I’m going to have to read a book-group book this week, and I’m already resenting having to read something that isn’t from the TBR shelves!

  5. I’ve gotten through three books so far and one of them has been in progress since November and was KILLING ME. I was stuck on one particular part and I wouldn’t be able to get through more than a page or two without feeling INCREDIBLY sleepy. But, the dare helped me power through and once I was through the tough part, it was smooth sailing.

  6. I’m doing okay. Unless you count that short story I read in a web magazine online… That sort of happened by accident. *cough*

  7. lailaarch says:

    I’ve finished one book that I’d had on my shelf for over two years, and I’m almost done with an Alice Munro collection that has been there for at least five years. So it’s going well!

    I think I need to adopt your strategy of reading first and last chapters for middle grade and YA – I work in a public library and always need to be able to recommend things, but don’t read as much of either as I always intend to.

  8. I have one book down and in the process of writing my review. I’m hoping to get through a book a week.

  9. John-Paul says:

    I’ve read two. One that has been around for four years I think. It was great: The Working Poor by David Shipler. The other was a Jane Austen companion which was quite good. Now doing H is for Hawk which is fantastic so far. A good start.

  10. bybeebooks says:

    I am still reading my own. Reading but not finishing. Waving but not drowning.

  11. Heather says:

    So far so good! I finished and returned the one library book I had checked out (and didn’t check out any more, which is a feat for me). I looked at my bookshelves and picked up The Golden Globe by John Varley, which was a birthday gift I received a few years ago that I hadn’t read yet because I don’t really think of myself as liking sci-fi. Well, I’m 333 pages in and liking it quite a bit. It helps that a lot of it is about the narrator’s long acting career – so not the hardest sci-fi out there.

  12. sarscoff says:

    I’ve removed 4 books so far from the TBR bookcase, and three of them were good enough to warrant being moved to my permanent library. Hurrah! I don’t want to make any judgements yet as it’s early, but I do think L.M. Montgomery’s The Blue Castle will make it to my faves of 2016. I’m travelling right now and brought five TBR books for the train ride/downtime. I hope it’s enough!

  13. Liz Dexter says:

    I’m not officially doing the dare, because I tend to rebel against things like that and then I’d be re-reading books off the shelves and never getting the TBR down! I’ve got my TBR to one shelf and another shelf with a book-sized gap at one end, yay! And I have removed one permanently – I had a guide to what you could see from trains all around the country … I took it on a trip and realised that a) it’s too heavy to take on trips and b) it’s not the kind of book you would read from cover to cover. So, doing OK!

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