Sunday Salon: Are You Banned in China?

Is your blog banned in China?

Turns out one of my blogs is banned, the other is not.

You can find out on the Great Firewall of China.  I learned about this website at my final Stanford class on Friday.  A group of colleagues and I have been learning about various topics in Asian history with the SPICE (Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education).  Friday we presented our lesson plans. Mine was on The Pillow Book.  Another teacher showed us the Great Firewall of China, a website where you can find out if a website is banned in parts of China as part of his presentation.

It’s kind of fun in a slightly disturbing way.

Turns out this website is available in China but my old blog, Ready When You Are, C.B. is not; it’s censored.  Good thing I’ve been moving my old reviews over here.

So I thought I’d check some of my regular blogging haunts to see if they are banned or not.

Wuthering Expectations – Censored.  Sorry, no articles on classic literature.  Who knows what damage posts about Knut Hamson could do to Chinese society.

Shelf Love is available.  Congratulations.

Library Jim can be read in China which surprises me since he’s a school librarian and we all know how radical they are.

Dolce Belleza who specializes in translated fiction and runs the Japanese Literature Reading Challenge can be read in China.  However, the Japanese Literature Challenge itself, is banned.  Go figure.

Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity, to my surprise, is available.  I thought at least one of those three would have gotten Trish in trouble with Beijing.

Savidge Reads,  Farm Lane Books, and Hogglestock can be read all over China.

In general, if you’re on Blogspot, there’s a very good chance that you are censored in China but if you’re on WordPress, or some other host, you’re probably not.

For now.

Are you blocked in China?  You can use the link above to find out.  Please let me know in a comment below.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Are You Banned in China?

  1. This is really interesting. I ran a dozen WP and a dozen blogspot blogs I follow through the site, and every one of the Blogspot blogs were total fails. All the WordPress were found acceptable. My first guess is that it’s a China/Google thing. In any event, it is interesting. I’m going to dig up some of the self-hosted when I have time, and see how those fare.

  2. Google is available in China. That’s what surprised me. Google has actually been pretty cooperative with the Chinese government. Facebook, on the other hand, has not and is censored as a result.

  3. It says that I am blocked, but my stats show access from China sometime. I am on Blogspot, so that is probably the problem.

  4. I’m not blocked in China; I’m on WordPress. My ancient LiveJournal and the site that I maintain for the local ultimate disc club are also unblocked. Good news if you’re in China but want to play some frisbee in Tempe, I guess.

  5. I don’t know if I should be glad or sorry to be available in China. Perhaps Jenny and I should start posting more obviously subversive content. (But I think you’re right that it’s a WordPress thing.)

  6. Who knew? What a fascinating post, making me aware of something I had no idea about. Those Chinese couldn’t be “afraid” of Japanese literature, could they? I don’t know terribly much about their culture, and it’s curious as to what is censore and what isn’t. Glad that you did a test run on so many blogs, all of which I love.

  7. Every time I type my blog title in, the website has an error. I am beginning to suspect that it won’t even search for one of the words in my title!

  8. From my family in China …..

    > Yes,” it’s” mostly dependent on the blogging platform rather than the title or topic of the blog. If you are using a VPN then you can read any blog.

    🐒 Joyce Voge Derr🌹 “We’re each given one life, and it is our job to make it useful, beautiful and fulfilling “. S.Jio


  9. Ha – my current site (WordPress) is OK, but the old one (Blogger) is too evil for Chinese tastes 😉

  10. LOL! Glad to see that China still allows love, laughter, AND insanity!! Interesting about them allowing more WP than blogger websites.

  11. Yep, my site is blocked. So is my gardening blog and my art blog, which I doubt have any objectionable content, so I’m pretty certain it’s what you all say, the domain is the trigger here.

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