Sunday Salon: Spreading a Little Link Love

I decided this week to do one of those link love posts.  Since my vacation started up full force this week, my teacher training class is done and we’re back from a brief vacation trip, I have the time to do one.

And I really like it when other people do them.

So here are a bunch of various articles and reviews that I thought other people might like to read and might have missed.

  • Derick Attig argues why we should stop saying “who just happens to be gay” in our book reviews over at Book Riot.  He makes some very good points about what’s really going on when we avoid talking about a character’s sexuality.
  • For a wide range of reviews with focus on quality horror see Book Guy Reviews.
  • At Lonesome Reader you’ll find ten little know LGBT books you should read if you haven’t including Patrick Ryan’s wonderful novel Send Me.  Savidge Reads has done the same here.
  • Jeremy Hawkins at Electric Lit explains why bookstores won’t go the way of video stores.  Here’s hoping he’s right on this one.
  • Also at Electric Lit, Tobias Carroll takes a look at revisionist westerns, though he admits the revisionist western goes back to John William’s Butcher’s Crossing (1960) and Oakley Hall’s Warlock (1958),  so I think it’s fair to ask just what the revisionists are revising.
  • Alex at Thinking in Fragments has a review of Karen Joy Fowler’s We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves which made me recall why I started reading book blog reviews in the first place.
  • Matthew at The Mumspimus has a terrific and thorough review of A Little Life. I have it on reserve at my local library so there may be a review of it here someday soon.
  • Laura Hudson gets so much right about rape scenes in her article for Wired.  For example: Rape has been so overused and misused in popular media that adding yet another manipulative sexual assault to the world just to heighten the stakes of a story or have a Very Special Episode is not just one of the most offensive things a writer can do, it is also one of the most boring.  

Let me know what you think, and feel free to leave a link to something good in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Spreading a Little Link Love

  1. That ‘happens to be gay’ post is really excellent. Nobody ‘happens to be a man’ or ‘happens to be a woman.’ And so many more interesting and accurate (!) ways to include all kinds of stuff in fiction, or really any kind of writing.

    1. It’s the underlying homophobia in the comment which he points out that I had not considered much before this post. I’m not sure I completely agree, but I at least partially agree. It has become a way of being inclusive without really being inclusive if you know what I mean.

  2. This is a really good idea. Becca of I’m Lost in Books sent a tweet this week of link love from 2009, and I remembered the joy and coziness of blogging back then. Not sure why it’s slipped away to some degree, but you doing this brings a lot of that back. Good reminder to us all, and how nice for the blogs you mentioned to know you appreciate them.

    1. I do it once in a while. I’d like to do it more often, maybe, since it’s summer, I’ll have the time to do a couple more. I’m with you, I really enjoy them and I’ve found quite a few new book blogs that I enjoy through “link love.” Even if you only do three or four links, it’s nice to do.

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