Sunday Salon: Misfits and Lap-Cats and 82 Sick Days

WIN_20150524_053131The mass of black fabric in this photo is me trying to type of this post in my bathrobe, which is what I wear when sit in my basement blogging.  The cat is Beau who is now a confirmed lap-cat trying to get me to pet him.

I was warned that this would happen. In fact, this is just what we asked for at the shelter where we got Beau.  But it can make blogging difficult.

It can also make reading a book awkward, especially if it’s a big hardback that you need to set on your lap where a very relaxed cat now sleeps.

Beau has started to make forays outside of the study.  If the dogs are not around, he’ll walk into the hallway, take a peek at the next room and the slowly return.  Instead of running from them, he hisses at the dogs, who will give his lots of space, unless there is food in his bowl.

So things are good on the new cat front.

Things are pretty good on the book front as well.  After a couple of weeks barely reading anything, and not really enjoying what I was reading, I decided to do a mini-purge of my TBR stack, sent a bunch of half-read volumes to the Friends of the Library and found a few that I enjoyed.

At the faculty meeting on Friday, which was held in the school library, I saw Also Known as Elvis, book number four in James Howe’s Misfits series.  Skeezie finally gets his own book! I thought.  Yeah!  I must have it.  So I put in into my bag without even bothering to check it out.  (The librarian was not at the faculty meeting and I wanted to book for the long weekend.)   I decided to take Addie on the Inside as well since I’d never read it.

For the uninitiated, The Misfits are a series of books about four friends in middle school.  Bobbie, tells their story in the first book.  They are each outsiders for one reason or another who are also life-long friends.   We used to teach the first book as part of our seventh grade curriculum and always had a good number of kids go on to read book two Totally Joe.  

The Misfits are:

  • Bobbie, the charming, overweight kid, in love with the cute new girl.
  • Joe, the over-the-top gay kid in love with a closeted football player.
  • Addie, the “bean-pole” smart girl, outspoken on every issue, in love with a basketball star.
  • Skeezie, the leather jacket wearing hood who models himself on young Elvis and doesn’t believe in love.

I always felt the Skeezie go the short shrift in the other books so I’m very glad to see him get his own volume.  I’m going to read it later today.  I quite liked Addie’s book by the way.

Work is nearing the end at last.   It’s been one of those years.  I took a sick day on Thursday this past week.  Spent it cleaning the basement which really needed it.  After 25 years in the classroom, I have managed to accrue some 82 sick days.  This year, after one too many bits of administrative nonsense, I decided to start taking them.

It was nice.  Got a bunch of work done in the morning.  Went out to lunch with C.J. at a delicious Indian buffet, spent the afternoon reading a book.  Got back to school Friday morning to find my students had done a wonderful job of the project I left for them, even better than they usually do when I’m around.

So, I’ll have to take more days off.

Meantime……just 13 more days til summer!!!!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Misfits and Lap-Cats and 82 Sick Days

  1. Beau is beautiful. He looks a lot like my new kitten, an orange tabby. We’re also dedicating a lot of our time to being laps.

  2. “It can also make reading a book awkward, especially if it’s a big hardback that you need to set on your lap where a very relaxed cat now sleeps.”

    Maybe it’s time for kindle? Seriously though, glad Beau has turned into a lap-cat.

    1. I guess my Kindle would solve that problem. But I can’t bring myself to spend over five dollars on a book that doesn’t really exist., which means I’m still reading hardcovers now and then.

  3. Our cat causes me problems while blogging, and she sits in my husband’s lap when he wants to read. But we wanted a lap cat too, so we are happy. Glad to hear the reading is better too.

  4. My cats are only lap cats in the winter, but they’re sociable in sitting near-by while I’m reading or on the computer. There’s just something so comforting and comfortable about a lap of warm fur, though.

    It’s crazy that sick days can accumulate like that. I’m guessing your district doesn’t buy them back? A friend who worked for a company that did used to fund her trips to Europe that way. I always lose PTO time so I wish my employer did.

    1. They do count towards retirement so it’s not like I’ll lose everything if I don’t use them. But since I have so many at this point, I’m thinking it’s time to start taking Thursday off on a more regular basis. It was really nice to have a break.

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