Sunday Salon: The Do-It-Yourself Art Edition

mailart033I hope I can avoid making this one of those “should I keep blogging” posts.  I understand it when people do them.  We do often, or from time to time, wonder if we should keep blogging.  But after doing this for almost a decade, seven or eight years, I’ve lost track, I’ve read enough of them.

You should keep blogging if you are enjoying it.  If you’re not enjoying it anymore then you should stop.

Simple enough.

So, I haven’t posted much at all in the past two weeks.  I haven’t read much either.

I’ve been making art. Or “art”.   I used to be heavily into book arts–book binding, altered books, artists books, artist trading cards and mail art.   I moved out of it a couple of years ago, not for any particular reason.  I tend to dive into things head first, swim around for a couple of years and then move on to another pool.

But, sometimes I go back.

This year a couple of my colleagues and I have been taking a lot of art centered professional development.  We started with Saturday morning workshops at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.  These classes for teachers feature a look at a current exhibit and the history behind it followed by a hands-on art activity you can possibly use with your students.

The last one was perfect for making mail-art.

I’ve also been taking a course on integrating arts into the classroom and I’ve gotten my principal to pay for a couple of classes at the San Francisco Center for the Book.

So, the art bug has bit again.

I’m not very good at it, I have no real talent for drawing which is a big handicap even when doing book binding.  But I can bluff my way through by using collage, so I get by.

Scissors and glue sticks rule!!!!

Which means that there may not be as many book reviews posted here as there used to be, but I will keep on running this little blog.  I still enjoying going to the coffee shop for a mocha and a couple of hours writing reviews.

And I still enjoy reading reviews on Sunday mornings, my Sunday paper substitute.



P.S. If you’d like a piece of mail-art, send me your snail mail address. Be sure to put mail-art request in the subject line.  Send requests to


One thought on “Sunday Salon: The Do-It-Yourself Art Edition

  1. Every so often, I get very tired of words and have to do something visual. Lately, though, that has less to do with scissors and glue sticks and more to do with Minecraft. It’s like virtual Lego.

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