The Lost by Sarah Beth Durst

lostWhat if the one thing you dislike about a book most is that there’s going to a sequel?

I really enjoyed Sarah Beth Durst’s novel The Lost.  I found the premise kind of cool.  Basically, there is a town called Lost where the things and people that are missing turn up.  People who have lost their way in life, people missing something key that they cannot quite pin down, emerge from a void to find themselves in a town made up of missing things, lost buildings, homes lost to foreclosure.  They survive on the odd food items people tend to lose: forgotten sandwiches, half-eaten candy bars, other things that find their way to the back of the refrigerator to become forgotten.

Enter Lauren, a young woman with a terminally ill mother she is supposed to be taking care of.  Lauren makes a wrong turn one evening to find herself on a lonely road in a dust storm.  She ends up in the town of Lost where she meets “The Missing Man.”  The Missing Man has the ability to send a ‘lost’ person home.  He takes one look at Lauren and leaves town.  What is it about Lauren that makes The Missing Man leave town?

Lauren is protected by The Finder, a man who serves as the counterpoint to The Missing Man.  The Finder is the one who looks for people wandering in the void outside of Lost and brings them into town.  Lauren, The Finder and a little girl named Claire search for why Lauren has driven The Missing Man away and just what fate has in store for her.

I became involved enough in Ms. Durst’s novel to stay up much too late on a school night reading.  I enjoyed spending time in the town of Lost and wanted to know what happened.

Which is why I was so dissapointed when the story didn’t really end. The book ends, but because it was planned as the first in a series, something I didn’t know when I started reading it, the story goes on.  You’ll have to read the next book to find out what happens, maybe even the third book to find out how it all finally comes to an end.

These things tend to come in threes.

If I stumble upon book two, I might read it, but I’m not going to seek it out.  I feel a little bit tricked, to be totally honest about it.  Once bitten, twice shy.

2 thoughts on “The Lost by Sarah Beth Durst

  1. I have found what you describe to be totally annoying. It seems too much like a publisher’s grab for more money and I think it backfires on them at times when the reader says I don’t need to know the rest, Stuff you. I tend not to do it again if I can help it. I really enjoy a self contained story. Call me old fashioned. By the way enjoy your Easter weekend .

  2. Thank you. You, too. Truth is I like a good detective series, but they usually are made up of self-contained books about a core set of characters. You don’t have to keep reading the next one to find out what happens. That annoys me. Put it all in one book, please.

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