It’s March 1st, TBR Double Dog Dare – Just One Month to Go!

Are you still with us?

There is just one month left in the TBR Double Dog Dare.  I think once you’ve made it through February, the TBR Double Dog Dare gets a bit easier, right up until the very last week.

The very last week is tough.

Since we’re nearing the end, I thought I’d run a check-in post today, just to see how everyone is doing.  I have bought some books.  The evil souls at Vintage released new editions of Hemingway’s works with these fabulous covers this week.  When I wondered into Bell’s Books done in Palo Alto Friday and saw them on the front table, how could I resist.

I couldn’t, of course, but I won’t be reading them anytime soon.  Remember the TBR Double Dog Dare is not a book buying ban.    I bought the two pictured here and have put them in a little stack of books that will go on my TBR shelves after the Double Dog Dare is over.  I should end up with a net reduction of 8 to 10 titles by the end of March.

I have found a couple of gems hidden in my TBR shelves this week. One is an old favorite, Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang by Kate Wilhelm.  This is one I read way back in high school and was very taken with.  I’ve always intended to reread it.  Now, almost 40 years later, I have.  I’m pleased to say that it held up very well.  I’ll be reviewing it later this week.

I also found a fascinating book about Pope Celestine V called The Pope Who Quit.  This is a true account of the 13th century pope who resigned from office after only 15 weeks.  It’s quite a story, not what I expected at all either.

So how has the TBR Double Dog Dare gone for you so far?  Find any treasure?  Buy anything you’re now desperate to read?

As an aside, I’m thinking we need some sort of name for ourselves.  TBR Double Darrens?  Double Doggers?  DDD’s? Double D’s?  Any ideas?

Enjoy the last month of the TBR Double Dog Dare.  Here’s hoping you find something wonder has been right under you nose all along.

30 thoughts on “It’s March 1st, TBR Double Dog Dare – Just One Month to Go!

  1. If not for Comics in February I would love to be a Double Dogger–I guess next year it’ll be a Quad Dog. *trishneedsmorecoffee Hemingway isn’t a favorite of mine (though I do enjoy his short stories more than his novels), but those covers are very lovely. I can see why you couldn’t resist.

    Maybe a mid-year Triple Dog Dare? 😛

  2. I left myself so many exceptions that it’s been almost too easy. But this last month, I’m going to really focus on actual TBR books. I’m working on an e-galley now and have one short book group book to read by April 1, but I’m going to try to make sure everything else I read in March is from my physical TBR pile.

  3. I was fine until February! Have three ARCS from authors to review. I think I have a book contest addiction problem going on here! I felt depressed one day and entered a few contests and now have more books coming in. I do fine not buying books, it is contests that taunt me! I did finally read some books that have been on the shelf for four years and loved them. I actually started in December and so far my net is 18 books. Even with the contest slip, that was pretty good for me!

    1. 18 is excellent. I only want people to do the TBR Double Dog Dare as long as it’s fun. Once you start feeling guilty, I think it’s time to move on to something more fun. But you an always come back and join in later. 🙂

  4. I’ve read 8 books so far from my TBRs – and only bought one new book, which I’m quite proud of. I’m in my final semester of school, which has been impeding my reading somewhat. I’m most excited about my current TBR read – The Flamingo’s Smile, by Stephen Jay Gould. It’s been on my TBR shelf for at least 3 years now, so I’m looking forward to finally checking it off my list!

  5. Your new acquisitions are lovely! I would have bought them too.

    I am still in and have managed to knock 14 books off my tbr pile including three Persephone titles that I have had for quite some time – the Miss Buncle titles. That felt really good. I acquire far more of those titles than I will read immediately simply because they are pretty and I admire the mission of the publisher. Maybe I can even get to a few more Persephones in March….

    The real problem will come in March. The Tournament of Books starts in a few days and I know I will want to read some of those that I have not gotten to yet. And my first shipment of Penguin’s new Little Black Classics will arrive this week. I can feel my resolve crumbling now. But… my goal was to read 20 books from the TBR pile and I am only 6 away. I feel like I can make it. And that is good enough.

    1. More than good enough. 20 is excellent. I’m thinking next year of building this tournament of books thing into my TBR Dare plans. It sounds like fun.

  6. I have disqualified myself by re-reading. I’d allowed myself an exception for one re-read a month, but I’ve gone far beyond that (five in the last two weeks). But I’m still in the spirit of the Dare, by not reading the new books I’m accumulating. I do hope to cross a few more off the TBR lists before April 1st. Will there be a second division in the Darrens, for backsliders 😉

    1. The Double Dog Dare isn’t really serious enough to have backsliders. It’s just for fun. No prizes, no rankings, As long as you have a good time, you’re doing it right.

  7. I’m quite pleased with my progress; I’ve read 11 books and only one of those was not on my shelves on 31 December (but it was a bound uncorrected proof which I felt I should read as the author gave it to me herself. Anything else bought was either pre-ordered before New Year or bought for book events – you have to buy the book to get the author to sign it! Only one small book bought on Kindle recently so I think I’ve done quite well.

  8. I am hoping March will be better, because I have only read 11 books so far. Unfortunately, I work for 6 months of every other year starting in January, and this is the year, so that has seriously cramped my style. Normally, I read a lot more. At any rate, 11 books is not so bad I guess. I think I might make 2015 my TBR year and continue with this. Try to, anyway. It has been fun.

    1. Glad to hear that it’s been fun. Since I started doing this little project, I spend a lot more time with my TBR books than I used to. I have this really large book case full of TBR books, by the way.

  9. Ah, in TBR terms February wasn’t a good month. I suddenly felt like reading manga, one reading challenge called for rereads, and on top, I spot some titles in the library I really wanted… when I was just going to return the books I’ve taken. Yeah, sure.
    So from the beginning of the year, counting real books, e-books and audio TBRs, I have 14 titles off my list. Still, for me, this is a success. At least I haven’t bought anything new, and won two books – so in total, my TBR pile is going down!

  10. I guess you haven’t really followed the spirit of The TBR Double Dog Dare, but who cares. As long as your overall TBR stack goes down and you have a good time, I consider you a successful Double Darren.

  11. For Whom the Bell Tolls is the only Hemmingway I’ve read yet- and Moveable Feast is one of my sister’s favorites. I love those covers. They look nice and antique. I’ve read Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang, after seeing it in a museum exhibit! It was interesting. Oh, and I kinda cheated on the Dare just a few weeks in. Brought a pile of books home from a friend who gave them to my kids- and sat down and read one. Forgot I wasn’t supposed to. But I’ve stuck to it since then!

  12. I am doing fine and enjoying it. My only exceptions were planned; a few ARCs that I had committed to reading before January 1, 2015. I haven’t stopped buying books though. I have read twelve from my TBR pile, 3 ARCs.

  13. I’ve read 15 books since January 1st–seven from my TBR collection; the rest were ARCS. Even though book-buying wasn’t banned, I bought fewer books, so all in all, its a win! And I have two months left to work away on my gigantic TBR collection.

    Those Hemingway covers are gorgeous. I’d love it if someone would reissue Trollope best works with some pretty covers. That would be a very good excuse for book-buying.

    1. Vintage Classics does these reissues with nice covers quite often. There are a lot, a lot, of Trollope novels so they would be a big collecting addiction danger, much worse than these Hemingway editions.

  14. I’m 11 books in so far this year. Nine from my TBR shelf. Two for my book club. Also, saw this above, but just finished a Persephone book on my shelf. Have not bought any new books or brought any home from book club. Impressing myself. Thinking I am going to try to extend through April. Maybe.
    Thanks, James.

  15. Quite frankly I’m rubbish. I bought 5 books in February- my excuse being that I work surrounded by books and the devil on my shoulder says (in the style of Mrs Doyle) go-on, go-on… I have read 2 from my TBR mountain as I have been inundated with review copies. Like I said. Rubbish. 😉

  16. I have stuck to it okay but not read much due to company. Though Olive Kitteridge on my shelves got a look in, and To Kill A Mockingbird from my shelves is being read for a book group. Bought the 80 black and white classics and had to hide them in the front room as to really read them. Saving them for April. Hoping to catch up with more TBR books in March. Vintage covers always suck me in so need to stay away from the vintage rack in my book store. In Australia we could be the Double Dog Diggers as we dig books off our shelf while paying homage to the war diggers of WWI and II.

  17. I am very pleased with myself but dipped in Feb. I intend to knock off a couple more that have been gathering dust. Next year I will start my challenge in December I think as my summer school holiday is my best window and by March it gets harder. Loved it so far and learned a lot from books people had given me. Want to finish with books my father in law has lent me.

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