Sunday Salon: There is still time, brother.

tbr dare 2014Just a few days remain to before The TBR Double Dog Dare officially begins on January 1, 2015.

We had a flurry of entries yesterday, I’ll get you all posted to the participants list later today, but there are just a few days left for you to come to your senses and join us.

It’s easy,

It’s fun.

It will free up shelf space.

It may even change your life.

And, you’ll finally get to read the books you have always wanted to read.

All you have to do is read only the books you already own as of December 31, 2014 for the first three months of 2015.  That’s it.  Just read the books you own for three months.  You’re still allowed to buy more, though it kind of defeats the purpose, and you can make exceptions for books clubs and ARCS and anything you have to make an exception for.

So join in the fun through a comment left here or on the main page by clicking the button at the top right of this page.

And if you’re worried about not making it through the entire three months, don’t be.  You can state in your sign-up comment that you’re only doing a month or two, or that you just want to try it for a fortnight, which is two weeks and will make everyone think you’re British since Americans don’t say “fortnight.”

If you’re still not sure, take a moment to look over your TBR stack.  Imagine those books piled one on top of the other. Would they reach the ceiling? Would they reach the tops of the trees?  Could you use them to construct a small play fort for your children.

I know and you know that when you bought them, you planned on reading them, not using them as bricks in a play fort.

Imagine them all, sitting on those sad Ikea shelves all these years, longing to be read just once, just one time to be held in human hands, fingers turing pages, eyes scanning over them like the treasures we all claim to believe books really are.  They just want their chance to make you smile, to make you cry, to keep you in suspense, to prove to you that they really are as good as your friend said they were back when you bought them.

Think of them as kittens, kittens you brought home but never petted.  How can you refuse them like that?  Their little faces staring at you, quietly meowing. Rows upon rows of kittens, piled on top of eachother.  All they want is you love  That and some tuna fish.

So sign up for the TBR Double Dog Dare today and give each kitten/book in your life a chance at love/tuna.




22 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: There is still time, brother.

  1. I am giggling too hard to type coherently. The kittens metaphor is inspired. I didn’t think you’d be able to top the image of sad neglected books sitting on the IKEA shelves, until I got to the kittens.

  2. Awww! The kitten analogy makes me think no-one who read this can possibly refuse to participate. I’m already in anyway! (And desperately perusing the Kindle sale, before Hogmanay. There. Now you all know I’m not only British, but Scottish too. And after this year, it’s a relief to know I’m STILL British!)

  3. Haha- kittens. My god, my house is overrun with kittens. I may run screaming from this house. Can’t wait to start and also Aussies say fortnight. Must be that British influence. Looking forward to the double dog dare. Dogs are good at scaring kittens out of a house.

  4. Well if they’re kittens I have to pay attention to them! Although if they were more like the fully grown kitten I bought home today, there’d be no ignoring them. Anyway, I’m in, once again. Possible Tournament of Books exceptions noted on my post today 🙂

  5. I’m in, James. With the possible exception of unexpected ARCs, I should be good for, oh…maybe a month. Or at least until the cold sweats get so bad that I can’t grip a tree-book, or an e-reader, with any consistency. Whichever comes first.

    Sad thing is, even if I were to make it the whole three months, I probably won’t be able to force myself to get rid of more than a book or two.

  6. Well, I’m one of the worst cheaters you have graciously welcomed into the fun, but I will try again this year. And hit the book store one last time tomorrow just in case. And get all the pre-orders in as well because as we all know those don’t count. And of course there are the ToB exceptions Teresa mentioned. But otherwise, I’m good. Thanks for the good sense and good humor this brings to so many of us each year!

    1. Welcome. It’s not really cheating with a dare. You try to last as long as you can, then you go ‘out’ when you can’t last anymore. It’s like seeing who can hold their breath the longest. 😉

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