Sunday Salon: Holiday Randomness and a New Car!

sigorneyMeet Sigorney.  This is the first time I’ve named my car; it’s also the first time I’ve ever been really excited about a car.  For someone who’s lived his whole life in California, it’s a little odd that I’ve never really cared much about cars. This is my fourth one, my second new one.  But the other three were just a way to get around town.

This one, I kind of love.

It’s a Kia Soul. The color is called Alien Green.  I know–it’s ridiculous.  But it makes me smile, and driving it is really fun.  It’s very big inside, almost bigger on the inside.  Lots of room for people and plenty of space in the back for piles of books.

I should write a poem about it.

I have been doing more reading this week, in part because of all the rain.  We’ve been stuck in the house much of the time, even during the two days school was closed due to potential flooding.  My school didn’t flood but my basement did. So, the basement, where all of our non-reading hobby stuff is done, has been off-limits for some time now; it’s been internet and books for the last two weeks.

My one big discovery has been A History of Rock and Roll in Ten Songs by Greil Marcus.  He’s a guy who lives his subject, knows everything there is to know about it and loves to talk about it.  And he loves words.  It’s so refreshing to read writing that isn’t economical.  The trend of late has been less is more, not just in detective fiction where it really is probably best to be economical, but in a large swath of literary fiction as well. But Mr. Marcus loves words as much as he loves music.   He goes off on riff after riff, rhapsodizing about one particular record or one fantastic concert and the words just fly and keep on flying.  I love it.  Like in Allen Ginsburg’s Howl, sometimes more is more.

It’s also a book that has me reaching for Wikipedia and YouTube both, to look up people he mentions and to watch the different performances of songs I thought I knew well.   That’s the best thing about the book–Mr. Marcus has studied the songs in such depth that he can point out things I never noticed, things that make the song even better than I thought it was though I’ve listened to some of them hundreds  of times.

The History of Rock and Roll in Ten Songs will be a late addition to my top ten favorite reads of 2014 list.

We have twenty people officially signed up for the TBR Double Dog Dare this year. There is still time to sign up if you’re interested.  Our numbers are down from last year, I suspect because many people have not found this new blog yet and because I’ve not been the active blogger I used to be.  But it really is fun to do, so if you’d like to give it a go for the full three months or just one month or even just a couple of weeks, please sign up in a comment, either here or on the TBR Double Dog Dare page by clicking on the button at the top here.

I’ve the next two weeks off, and a small stack of books I’d like to review, so I should be much more active this week.   Though we do have to rip up the rest of the floor in the basement which should keep us busy, and I have more than a few road trips planned.

I really do love that ridiculous little car.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Holiday Randomness and a New Car!

  1. Glad to hear you like that car. I’ve been looking at those myself. And I plugged the TBR Dare over at the Sword & Laser, a big Goodreads online book club. They always have too much to read so maybe some of those folks will try it out.

  2. An alien green car that seems bigger on the inside, huh? Hmm…
    I keep going back and forth on the TBR Dog Dare. With the state of my book piles, it’s something I should do, but I’m a terrible magpie when it comes to reading materials.

      1. That *is* something I confused last year, but I’m just as prone to burrowing that shiny new books that I just gotta read. Maybe if I stay off Amazon, the Tempe Digital Library, and NetGalley, I could make it through…

  3. I am so envious. We have a 21 year old car (Toyota Corolla station wagon) that keeps working so we keep it going. We have been looking at the Kia Soul also and it looks perfect for us but don’t know what we will end up with when our car finally goes.

    I am already looking forward to the TBR Double Dare for 2014.

  4. Very cool car – congratulations!

    I haven’t signed up for the TBR Double Dog Dare yet, mostly because I plan to spend most of the winter in Florida and love the nearby library and independent bookstore. BUT I could sign up for January and see how it goes…

    1. You are allowed to sign up for just a month, if you like. To be honest, just forcing yourself to pick from your TBR stack three or four times in a row can be an eye-opening experience.

  5. I am going to do the double dog dare. I am so over myself reading everything except what I own. So put me down until April 1. (except my book club books Feb, Mar) Your new car sounds fun. I love new cars. The smell alone is great. Also love a new scooter. My Italian 350 cc scoot is the most fun I’ve had with a motor vehicle in a long time. Good travels in 2015 and will look forward to hearing about it. My sister in Novato lives in a mobile home park and send photos of her walking through water above her knees. So much rain there. Enjoy your Christmas and all the best for 2015.

  6. The new car looks so cool! and I love the color. I went outside my comfort zone with my last one and got a red car. I am envious of your two weeks off – but I know they are well deserved. I will make the most of my four & a half-day weekend 🙂

    1. I forgot to add, I have bought a ridiculous number of books these last two months – so I need the TBR Dare more than ever.

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