Take the TBR Double Dog Dare and Win a Date With Cher!

It’s true!*

This year one lucky participant in The TBR Double Dog Dare will win a “date” with Cher.  Cher, who is promoting the re-release of her book The First Time, will invite you and four of your friends to her Los Angeles apartment to discuss the book of your choice.

Turns out Cher is quite the reader. She is a big fan of Rose Tremain, Jo Nesbo and Eliazbeth Gaskell.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide transportation to Los Angelos, but think about how much fun you and your book club could have on a road trip to California.  Listen to audio books as you drive across the desert!  Visit literary pilgrimage sites as you travel like Iowa City, Iowa home of the famed Iowa Writer’s Workshop.  You could even camp out along the way!

So sign up for the TBR Double Dog Dare today and win a date with Cher!

You can sign up in a comment below or by going to the TBR Double Dog Dare page where you can find more information.



*No, it’s not true.  Sorry.  But wouldn’t it be great!  Thistbr dare 2014 is just a case of shameless self-promotion and the rusult of me waking up early on a rainy day.

There are no prizes for The TBR Double Dog Dare.   The Dare is just for fun.  What it promises is a chance to spend the first three months of 2015 clearing out your TBR stack by reading just the books you own as of midnight, New Year’s Day.  (You are allowed to make exceptions for book clubs, arcs, etc.)

So please consider joining Dakota and me for all or part of The TBR Double Dog Dare.

8 thoughts on “Take the TBR Double Dog Dare and Win a Date With Cher!

  1. I’m already in for the TBR dare! And a”date” with Cher is pandering to the wrong demographic in my case. I don’t know anything about plastic surgery, autotuning or much about her myriad boyfriends/husbands.

  2. Actually, I would be afraid to be in the same room as Cher. She would probably poison the wine when she learned that our politics could not possibly be more different. I’m considering the challenge this year, James, because I’m still trying to cut down on “obligation reads” that I get myself into. Should I rush out and buy a bunch of books before the end of the year or is that cheating? 🙂

    1. Several times I ended up buying lots of books in December which kind of defeated the purpose. But it was a fun December.

      And I can assure you that Cher won’t bring up politics if you don’t. ;=)

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