Sunday Salon: Build Your Own False Bookcase Secret Door

C.J. watches a lot of home repair videos on YouTube.  They are just the right length for a man who cannot stand to watch more than seven minutes of television at a time.  (Except for Hoarders.  For some reason, he loves Hoarders.)  The week he discovered that you can easily turn any door in your house into a false bookcase secret door.

Original Book Works offers a very professional false bookcase door that you can install.

I think this secret door looks great, but I’m not a big fan of the books used.  In real life, these are the sort of books people buy for decoration,not to read.  If I had a secret door like this one, and it’s possible that I will have one very soon, I’d want it to be full of fake books that look like books I would actually read.

I checked the prices of the faux books at Original Book Works and I have to say that the books look very good, but if you look around some you can find the real thing for less.

TVTara on YouTube built this very nice false bookcase door in a weekend at under 100 dollars for all materials including the books.

TVTara did a fine job here.  The books are still not books I would read, but we should be able to come up with a convincing case full after four or five trips to the thrift store and the discount table at the friends of the library book sale.  C.J. really likes the book door handle.

We’re thinking about the closet in our front hall.  We could turn the door into a secret bookcase door, possibly turn the entire wall into a false built in book case.  C.J. thinks it would make the room look bigger.  I’m not sure how that would be possible, but I do think it would be very, very cool to have  a secret bookcase door.

And this is not something one can do with a Kindle.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Build Your Own False Bookcase Secret Door

  1. “And this is not something one can do with a Kindle.” Heh. I do have a Kindle and like it, but it will never be my primary source for reading. I’ve also been taken with how many books are being produced as art objects–not that this hasn’t been done before, but in the age of Kindle, it seems like it’s a way of taking a stand. Like the gorgeous Penguin classics editions (darn you, Guillermo del Toro, for your wonderful horror books with Penguin), and then JJ Abrams’ S., which is a crazy art object all itself, with all the marginalia and flotsam and jetsam. More books and reasons for books, I say! And now I want a book door too.

    1. I might put a Kindle cover on the false door. I’ll need to find one that will read as a Kindle when place among all the “real” books.

      I have been enjoyig the ‘book as object’ mini-movement we’ve seen lately. I agree that if the book is to survive as an object it will have to offer some reason to spend a bit more for it, cover design, marginalia, etc. I think that is what will keeps books around if they stay around once our generation stops buying them.

  2. Yes, file this under reasons against ebooks. LOL! Though I admit I almost spit out my coffee when you mentioned the only show he’ll watch is Hoarders. Sounds like something Scott would watch (but thankfully does not). 😉

    If you create your false bookcase, please share pictures!! Using these books you wouldn’t read kind of reminds me of Gatsby having the bookshelves full of uncut books.

  3. I love this. We once ripped the spines off of some discarded library books to make a “bookcase” door like this for a high school play. So you could, theoretically, make your own fake books, as long as you get some copies (the old ones rip better, of course) that you don’t mind sacrificing.

  4. This is brilliant! I want one too – but you’re right, definitely would want books you’d actually want to read and not “show” books. It would make my apartment feel like a game of Clue.

  5. I’ve always wanted a secret door and considered adding one when we did our building works recently, but we didn’t really have anywhere appropriate. I hope you manage to put one in – I look forward to seeing your handy work!

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