Sunday Salon: I had a really good idea for a topic earlier this week, but I’ve forgotten it.

This is Clovis. He is a rescue dog. He’s probably three years old. Since we’ve just had him a week, he’s still acting like he’s not sure he gets to stay here.

So, this will just be a bunch of random stuff, I guess.

Here goes.

Dakota is still doing fine.  She had one B-level day this week, but is already back to A-level days.  We’re finishing her tenth week since we were told she has six to eight weeks left.  We try to do something she loves doing each day we can.

We did get the new dog, whom we named Clovis after the 6th century king who united the Frankish people and converted them to Christianity.  I posted a little extra credit assignment along with a picture of Clovis to my class blog.  My students think Clovis is a great name for a dog.  A few of them even did the extra credit research about the real Clovis.

I started David Mitchell’s new book, The Snow Queen, yesterday but I don’t know.  I only got a few pages in and I already feel like giving up.  The opening deals with a 15-year-old working class girl who is walking out on her domineering mother leaving behind a family who runs a local pub.

It’s just so East Enders.  I feel like I’ve read or watched this story so many times I’ve practically lived it.  I’ll give The Snow Queen to the end of chapter two or 40 pages but no more than that.  I have 215 books on my TBR shelf that I could be reading.

Ed McBain is calling out to me…..

The English department at my school is not exactly fomenting revolt, maybe gurgling it, but discontent is growing.  The usual complaints about adminstrators basically so I won’t go into details here, not because it might bore you but because it would certainly bore me.   I am getting serious about moving down to 5th grade.

Earlier this week I dropped off some stuff to a teacher running a sixth grade art class. All the students were happily painting.  I looked around and though how fun would this be. With a 5th grade class, I could teach art again.  I used to have this very cool art curriculum from the British Museum back when I taught a 5th/6th combination class.  I know I couldn’t get away with doing art everyday, but even twice a month would make make me a happy camper.  Art days are great.

I remember my topic now…. following authors on Twitter.

Did you just groan?

I think I’ll save it for another time.

My brother is visiting us for the weekend. He’s between postings, home from Pakistan for a few weeks before heading off to Tanzania for four years.  It’s nice to have someone use the Victorian bedroom.  C.J. redecorated our downstairs (basement) bedroom making it a Victorian bedroom.  He’d really like to live in a Victorian house, but since we don’t and it looks like we probably never will, he has made a Victorian bedrom in the basement.

Our motto is “If you can’t live in your dream home, make your home into a dream.”

The downstairs bedroom is now all Victorian furniture and fittings.  He stenciled Victorian wallpaper designs on all the walls.  It’s even fitted out with Victorian family portraits and keepsakes.

I love it!  If you’re ever in the Bay Area, in need of a place to stay and you don’t mind a slightly low ceiling, it is a basement room at the end of the day, drop me a line.

Must love dogs…….


10 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: I had a really good idea for a topic earlier this week, but I’ve forgotten it.

  1. I loved reading about the Victorian bedroom and all the rest of your random Sunday thoughts this morning 🙂 So glad Dakota is feeling good.

  2. I hope Dakota has many many more A level days. BTW – you’ve got your books mixed up David Mitchell is Bone Clocks – Michael Cunningham is Snow Queen! Easily done though 🙂

  3. I love Clovis and am wondering if she is from the Basset Hound Rescue League in your area. I get their updates on Facebook even though living in Tasmania I don’t have much hope of adopting one. My sister is the basset lover in our family and she put me on to them. Love the idea of the Victorian bedroom. It made me chuckle. I have the Penguin archive of Australia in my extra bedroom. It’s amazing how you can transfix a room if you want to bad enough. Of course not much room for a bed. I am looking forward to hearing what you think about following authors on Twitter as I doAl follow one or two. All the best to Dakota. Hope she has some more A+ days in her.

    1. We got Clovis from the Milo Foundation which is in Richmond, CA. Dakota came from the Golden Gate Bassett Rescue group. I’ll be honest. Rescues almost always require work, many have medical issues. Dakota had a lot of them. I know that we’re not supposed to encourage people to buy from dog breeders, but I think everyone should be aware of what they are getting when they get a rescue. The truth is, you just don’t know. Clovis has started showing some leash aggression, but we think it may be early enough in his life that we can train this out of him. Dakota’s food aggression is something we still have to deal with.

      If we had gotten them at puppies, then we would have had to deal with all the puppy issues, but neither would have developed these problems and we probably would have caught Dakota’s health issues early enough to have settled them right away.

      1. Hi, James,
        I know exactly what you mean. Adopting older dogs is a wonderful thing to do and I am thankful to avoid the human exhaustion from puppyhood at this point in my life. But it is sad that no matter how much one loves the older adoptee, there are some behaviors that are resistant to change.
        Clovis will for sure settle in and learn to trust you both. With our Sasha, whom we adopted at age three, it took some time, especially because she had been abused. But she now trusts us. Still has a fear of big men, still a fear of ladders and large objects, etc.
        I’m so looking forward to hearing about Clovis’s settling in and so glad that you have him.
        My very, very best to Dakota!!
        All four of you will be in my thoughts!

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