Sunday Salon: We’re Probably Getting a New Dog Today

Dakota is doing fine.  Ten weeks ago we found out that she has lymphoma and were told that she had six to eight weeks left.  The doctor put her on steroids which reduced her tumors so much we still can’t feel them.  She has no idea that she’s sick, is just as active as she ever was, and we’re taking it day by day.

But C.J. found this dog to the left at the Milo Foundation.  We went to meet him yesterday and liked him a lot.  “Flash” is around three years old, male, quiet, especially when compared to the ten month old Bassett puppy he shares a room with.

We were thinking about getting a puppy, but spening thirty minutes with an actual puppy put us right off.  No puppies for us.  “Flash” though, at three, is good on the leash, doesn’t bark at other dogs through the fence, is probably house broken already, and he has a very soulful face.  Don’t you think?

He also sheds and smells kind of bad, but a bath may fix that.  He is a hound.

We decided to wait a night, just to think about it some, but we’re going to go back to Milo today and bring “Flash” home.  C.J. says he has a Medieval face, like a dog in a 13th century painting, so he wants to call him Clovis after the 6th century king who united the Franks.  Bassetts as a breed originated in Medieval France.

I think Clovis is a pretty good name for a Bassett.


11 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: We’re Probably Getting a New Dog Today

  1. I’m also glad to hear that Dakota is doing so well! And I agree that Clovis has a very soulful face. He will be so happy to be part of your family – and probably to get away from the puppy!

  2. So grateful that you started your post with that first sentence because when I read the title my heart SUNK. Clovis is a great name and seems very fitting. Hope he gets along well with Dakota! We are currently dog-sitting my mom’s lab and the girls have been having so much fun with her. Makes me think maybe we need a pup again.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Dakota. It must be a difficult time for you. Clovis is a handsome hound! I hope that he settles in well and brings some joy to your household. Let us know how he gets on.

  4. Poor Dakota, but I’m so happy that she’s doing well now and that she’s enjoying life. And Clovis! What a cutie.

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