Sunday Salon: Eight Days of Daring-Do Remain

tbr dareThe TBR Triple Dog Dare comes to an end at midnight one week from tomorrow, March 31.   Are you still with us? With just eight more days to go, I’m sure we can all make it to the end.  I know there are enough books left in our TBR stacks, there certainly are in my TBR bookcase.

I finished Mockingbird by Walter Tevis on Friday.  It’s a science fiction classic by the author of The Man Who Fell to Earth–I’ll have the review posted Tuesday or Wednesday.  Yesterday I read two more short stories for the Deal Me In Short Story Challenges; reviews probably posted tomorrow.   Later today I’m diving into book three of Charles Dickens’s Our Mutual Friend, so maybe I’ll be able to get in one more  book from the TBR book case before the end of the TBR Triple Dare but it will have to be a short one.

Fortunately, there are many novellas in my TBR bookcase.

What’s going to be your last TBR Triple Dog Dare book? 

5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Eight Days of Daring-Do Remain

  1. I always think I’ll stay up til midnight, just to start a new book – but I never make it. I’m hoping to cross off one more book, and maybe two. I have no clue what they’ll be, though – I’ve been having some trouble settling on what to read next. Is that always an easy choice for you?

  2. I don’t usually schedule what I’ll be reading next. Sometimes I end up with kind of a line up, a few books in a small pile that I want to read. I have so many in my TBR bookcase that I can usually find whatever it is I’m in the mood for or I just make a trip to the bookstore….

  3. I’m still with you – hanging on, despite being tempted to read a new acquisition (or two)! I’ve just started The Last Enchantment by Mary Stewart, a book I’ve had for at least 5 years. I’m enjoying it so far and it will be my last TBR Triple Dog Dare book, because it’s quite long (440 pages) and in a small font. I’ll probably still be reading it in April. I can never plan what to read next, but like you look at my books or bookshops for inspiration.

  4. I’ve sucked at this one. We’re in the middle of a house sale/purchase deal going on and things are crazy so I’ve been off my reading game. I have worked through some more Discworld books and hope to finish the current one by the end of the week but definitely not knocking big numbers off the TBR board this year.

    1. I have no excuse, but I’ve been about the same this time around. I think my TBR stack overall will be a net-zero game since I’m going book shopping on April 1 like I do every years.

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