Sunday Salon: Someone Stole My Orange!

Someone stole an orange from the tree in our backyard.

Normally, I wouldn’t mind this at all.  I wanted to plant the orange tree in the front yard because I know someday it will have more oranges on it than we can eat.  That’s what happened with the plum tree and the Asian pear tree both of which produce so much fruit we give it away by the bagful.  If we live long enough this will probably happen with the peach tree and both apple trees, too.  We have a lot of fruit trees on our property.  It’s my belief that if it doesn’t bloom or produce fruit, we’re not planting it.

I used to give bags full of lemons to strangers who knocked on the door asking for them because they could see the lemon tree over the fence as they drove by.  Some even offered to pay for the lemons but I’d just hand them a big paper sack, open the gate for them and say take as many as you want.  To me having fruit trees is a way to meet interesting people and that tree produced lemons like crazy.  It has since died, but it was almost 60 years old.

So I might have given away the orange if I’d been asked, but it’s a new tree and it only had two oranges on it.

Now it only has one.

And, whoever stole it, stood in the backyard eating it.  We found orange peels on the patio.

They even stepped on one of the bearded irises that had started to sprout leaves weeks early because of all the warm weather we’re having in California this year.

So, we’re probably going to install a bigger fence on the alley side of the yard with this years tax return.  The alley side of the yard basically has a mixture of wire  and picket fencing at this point and there’ s no lock on the gate.  We’ve planted an avocado tree and there is no way I’m letting anyone but me get the first avocado it produces.

I do love me some avocados.


6 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Someone Stole My Orange!

  1. Well, that’s just rude. Personally, I can’t imagine taking fruit off a tree in anyone else’s yard, but even if I knew they had a “help yourself” policy, I’d restrain myself if there are only one or two pieces.

  2. There’s a day worker who’s often in neighborhood who “picks his lunch” according to C.J., my spouse who is home during the day. C.J. suspects he is the culprit. I’m sympathetic. I would never want to be a day worker, myself. I’d be more sympathetic if he hand not left the peelings on the patio.

  3. Maybe a squirrel? Not sure if they eat oranges, but they are always stealing our pecans.

    No hard-and-fast rules for me about trees. I’ll take them any way they come. Some bud, some fruit, some nut, but best are the big beautiful live oaks.

  4. During this long, long winter my husband and I entertained ourselves with a conversation about what kind of tree we’d like to have in our front yard. “Orange,” I said, thinking that we’d have to live in a much warmer climate for that to happen. “Lemon,” he agreed.

    1. While I like both of those, consider a pear tree. They grow very quickly so you’ll have a considerable tree in no time at all, and the produce like mad even the first year. Ours had been great. We may be putting in one or two more in the front yard. And there’s a delicious reference to pear trees in Chaucer’s Merchants Tale that’s NSFW but lots of fun.

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