Tenth Anniversary Vacation


CJ and I headed up the coast on our first trip to Mendocino for our tenth wedding anniversary, kind of by accident.  My brother bought me a gift certificate to a bed and breakfast, the Dennon Victorian Farmhouse, for my 50th birthday back in November.  I’ve been saving it for a rainy day, but that’s not going to happen in California anytime soon.  So I booked a holiday for midwinter break, which is this week.

Last week, just before Valentine’s Day I heard a radio story about the tenth anniversary of Gavin Newsom’s decision to allow same-sex weddings in the city and county of San Francisco back in 2004.

Wait a minute, that was us! I thought.


So, I had more-or-less accidentally booked a vacation in Mendocino for the tenth anniversary of our first wedding which was yesterday.

If you’ve never been to Mendocino but find these pictures of it look familiar, you might be a fan of Murder She Wrote which was filmed here.  Mendocino is to go to location for Hollywood productions that are set in Maine.  It can look a little like a Maine coastal town with a lot of set decoration.  I only watched Murder She Wrote once or twice, so I cannot say how well Mendocino passed for small town Maine.


You can tool around Mendocino in an afternoon, but take a lot of money with you if you do.  It’s a beautiful spot with lots of wonderful old buildings, a few you can even tour, but this is the playground for people in Marin County– you won’t find a moderately priced restaurant in this town.

However, you will find delicious food. We did go out for an anniversary dinner to a tapas place called Flow.  That’s Flow not Flo.  Usually we eat a diners where you might find a waitress called Flo not Flow.  But we have been known to eat at higher end places from time to time.


We rented the cottage at Dennon’s Victoria Farmhouse which is back at the top of the property with a view of the ocean.  There is a front porch you can sit on and look at the water through the trees.  You can’t really see the ocean much in the picture here so I took a shot of the porch itself to make up for this.

I have to say that I love the camera features on my cell phone.  I’m still new to cell phones–I’ve only had this one for just about a year–so I’m still learning how to use it properly.  Mostly, I use the camera.  With the push of a button I can change to picture to lomography or cross-processed color pallates both of which I love.  Plain pictures just seem so boring to me in comparison.

imageWhen we arrived yesterday, the owner told us that the main house was featured in a painting by Thomas Kincade which may have been my brother playing a prank on me. We both hate Thomas Kincade and have spent a lot of time making fun of his paintings.  The owner claims that fans of Mr. Kincade’s work often stop by to check out the farmhouse and have been known to wonder inside uninvited to take a look.  She said the house was painted more or less as it is, with lots of extra flowers, and then painted a second time with a pine tree in front for a Christmas themed version.  They never got any compensation for either, not even a stack of postcards.


I would have given them a big stack of postcards to hand out to guests, but I never made any money off of my art.

We’re off to see the ocean today and then to Fort Bragg to find what we can find.  We’ll probably go back to Mendocino this afternoon to re-visit the bookstore there.  Gallery Books has an excellent selection including a couple that we just may have to splurge on this trip.

Not that we need any more books.

For the record, I won’t be reading any of them until after April 1.  Long life the TBR Triple Dog Dare.